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Send email or private message to website users (whom havent logged in for a while) via their profile saying:

"Ho ho ho, come check the HEHmas calendar!" Use this list to make your selections: Users list. 

P.S. Remember guild missions tonight :)


Snap a nice screenshot in Wintersday activity. This can be practising for Wintersday Screenshot Contest. Then put it in Guild Gallery, Folder called: Official Events. -> Here

Once pic is there, You will receive Medium Sized Wintersday Gift.  :)


You love the choir bells? Check this guide and start practising your songs.. it is very easy actually, even if you aren't musical at all! To get 10 Free Choir Bells (breakable) to practise with, post comment in this page article saying: "Bell Choir Student here!"


Remember HEH steam community? Click: You can see the page here.

Write in the guild main page as a comment: "Very Merry Wintersday Everyone!" And you will receive 3 Giant Wintersday Gifts in game. :)

If you dont use steam, its the best time to do so. Get Steam program (via this link), and apply to join the awesome HEH group. Steam group is Fast way to contact each other outside game, also, awesome way to recomment other games for your beloved guildies. 


Xmas is about giving, sharing, helping. If you want, donate something for on going Wintersday Screenshot Contest. It will all go back to our guilds members in the end :).

Place it in Officer Vault (top box in guild stashes).

If you cannot donate, then at least please try joining for the screenshot contest! :) The sending time has been extended by a week! Here link: Wintersday Screenshot Contest 2013



Just enjoy the day and relax in our wonderful world of Aurora Glade server.

To get involved with the rest of the folks walking on same home world, please remember to register at the Aurora Glade Community Website.

Lots of nice, awesome people around, lots of interesting events in WvW, Hardcore PvE, And just Socializing for example in AG Team Speak. :)


There are 7 HEHmas Quaggans hidden on this website. They look like this:  

Any Quaggan you find, will give you an Ecto. Find all 7 Quaggans and you will receive 7 Ectos.

Please send the page links (copy paste page url) where the quaggans were found as a private message to me Hennu, via profile: Link to profile, click messages -> send private message

Btw, this page counts as one! ;)

You have till 21st of January 2014

to complete these "daily" tasks :). 


-----> Click here to go Back to the Full HEHMAS calendar view! 

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  • Bell Choir Student here!

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  • Which Bell choir class? I wanna join as well! :o

    You can never be too good at waving those bells!

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