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There are 3 new fields in your profile!

Find them and fill at least one of them up and receive a surprise reward in your mail in game! 
(Prize: 1 Flawless Snowflake!)


Tixx the Toymaker is coming back to us today! (read here about the event:

Then write your own letter to Toymaker Tixx in this forum topic:

and maybe he will respond to you. After you've written your wishlist, receive a ingame letter from Tixx secretary golem.  

(Prize: Random, depending on your letter!)



Log in game, and send a small gift in game to 3 persons on HEH guild roster, who you think you have never talked to, or just are not sure who it is. Attach a message with the gift: "Have a very Merry HEHMAS! " And whatever else you want to write. The gift can be Anything. :)



Go test the wintersday activities in game.

Then tell your opinions about them and recommend some in this forum topic!

After your post, you receive a Wintersday present in mail. :)



Figure how this forgotten Guild Marketplace works, and put up your own Wintersday Sale! Marketplace is here: Your items you buy/sell/trade can be imaginery, or actual items from game!

Since its Friday the 13th, afterwards, receive a Lucky Charm in game! :)




Join the Guild Wintersday Lottery!

Read the instructions here and pick your 2 numbers, and you are in!

Good luck everyone. :) 


Wintersday Screenshot Contest opened! Join!

You have plenty of time to plan your screenshot and story and to send it, as sending time is till first of January! 

Here is the link to the article! Enjoy :) 

You have till 21st of January 2014 to complete these "daily" tasks :). 


-----> Click here to go Back to the Full HEHMAS calendar view! 

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  • Julia and Darren have found the correct new fields and both have received their surprise reward in game ;D! Psst. All 3 are in User Info tab ;D

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  • Yay :D!

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  • Also Hille, Liz and Silent have received their surprises from Day 9. You can actually confirm it via this link ;D.

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